Weigh-in Day : Week 4

by Bo on December 22, 2012

209.2 lb

Tough week!

I've been drinking whey protein shake every morning for about two weeks now. My hunger is gone, but not sure if it is helping my effort or not. But I will keep doing it for about a month to see the result. I exercised 3 times, mostly weight lifting. There was just a slight change in my weight, 0.6 lbs. Which isn't bad to be honest.

Maybe the reason why my weight-loss has sort of stalled is because I've decided to explorer a new way to lose weight. It's actually not a weigh-loss method, but a way of living. I've been listening to a number of podcast on Paleo and I'm convinced that it is the way to go with my diet.

It is a new thing for me, and there's a lot of stuff to learn before I can fully commit myself to it. Basically, with Paleo diet, you eat whole foods and eliminate certain group of food, such as grain. Your main sources of nutrition to your body are protein and high quality fats.

During the transition period, I have no idea how my body will react to the changes I will be making. Maybe it will go down even more or maybe go up temporarily. But I'm sold on the idea. I will explain more about Paleo and its benefits in a separate post.

My weight today was 209.2!

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