Weigh-in Day : Week 1

by Bo on November 29, 2012

To be clear on one thing, when I re-started my diet plan, I was 217, not 213.    I was around 213 for a while, but when I measured it again right after the first post, I weighed in at 217.

My weight today is 214.2 lbs

I'm not even excited with the number yet.  First 10 lbs will be gone with little effort like how it used to be.  That's why instead of 1 pound of fat loss per week, I've decided to go with 2 lbs per week until I reach around 195.

Things I did well during week 1

  • Ate less rice & bread
  • Ate instant noodle only once - I used to eat at least three times a week
  • Less eat outs - Only twice - Jason's Deli & Chick Fil'A

Things I can do better

  • Drink more water, less diet soda
  • Go to gym more - I went there only twice.  Eventually, I want to exercise at least four times a week
  • Eat more green - Although I did OK with protein, I did poorly with consuming green veggies

It wasn't a bad week compared to the way I used to live.  3 lbs of weight loss is motivating.


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