Weight Loss Progress

by Bo on September 8, 2011

During last three weeks, I've gained few more pounds, mainly due to absolutely no exercise and not watching what I eat carefully.  I'm still recovering from the injuries from the accident and I'm at a point where I start all over again.  My body is not functioning like it used to.  It feels tired just from mild walking.  I wonder how my body's going to respond when I do weight lifting.

I'm now at 194.2, which isn't as bad as I've expected.  My treatments ends this week and I will be able to go to gym very soon.  It is funny how you get tired fast and less energetic when you eat more.  During my previous weight loss stages, less carb really lifted fogginess from my brain.  I want to go back to that feeling.

I'm still on my journey to 40lbs lesser.

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