Weigh-in Day : Week 4

by Bo on December 22, 2012

209.2 lb

Tough week!

I've been drinking whey protein shake every morning for about two weeks now. My hunger is gone, but not sure if it is helping my effort or not. But I will keep doing it for about a month to see the result. I exercised 3 times, mostly weight lifting. There was just a slight change in my weight, 0.6 lbs. Which isn't bad to be honest.

Maybe the reason why my weight-loss has sort of stalled is because I've decided to explorer a new way to lose weight. It's actually not a weigh-loss method, but a way of living. I've been listening to a number of podcast on Paleo and I'm convinced that it is the way to go with my diet.

It is a new thing for me, and there's a lot of stuff to learn before I can fully commit myself to it. Basically, with Paleo diet, you eat whole foods and eliminate certain group of food, such as grain. Your main sources of nutrition to your body are protein and high quality fats.

During the transition period, I have no idea how my body will react to the changes I will be making. Maybe it will go down even more or maybe go up temporarily. But I'm sold on the idea. I will explain more about Paleo and its benefits in a separate post.

My weight today was 209.2!


Weigh-in Day : Week 3

by Bo on December 13, 2012

Week 3!

During last 7 days, I've been drinking whey protein with either hemp milk or coconut milk first thing in the morning. I've read The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by Tim Ferriss. In the book, he mentions that just drinking a cup of protein shake right after waking up will make lose weight without any exercise. He's not saying just drink the shake to lose weight, but it's a good habit to adopt. After trying it for over 7 days, I feel that it is actually working. Drinking protein shake did more than that for me. It helped me eat less and I didn't feel hungry beyond my normal lunch & afternoon snack time.

By the noon, I usually starve to death, but after I started drinking whey protein, I wasn't hungry at all until like 2-3pm. So it is working for me. You might want to try it also.

Anyway, my current weight is 209.8 lbs!



Weigh-in Day : Week 2

December 6, 2012

I made few changes to my diet during last 7 days;  just few changes.  I started drinking protein shake, a mix of whey protein and coconut milk with a hint of stevia.  I drank the protein shake once a day when I was really hungry (usually between 3:30 pm and 5 pm)  I made it [...]

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Weigh-in Day : Week 1

November 29, 2012

To be clear on one thing, when I re-started my diet plan, I was 217, not 213.    I was around 213 for a while, but when I measured it again right after the first post, I weighed in at 217. My weight today is 214.2 lbs I’m not even excited with the number yet.  First [...]

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Family Weight Loss Competition

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Something happened during our Thanksgiving dinner.  My mother, sister, and I have decided to do a little weight loss challenge.  Each of us will donate $150 to the prize pool and whoever loses the most weight in percentage will get the prize.  Our first weigh-in will be on Christmas.  Then the final [...]

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Tonight’s Dinner – Alaskan Cod, Tofu, and Veggie Juice

November 21, 2012

Organic cod used to be really expensive even at Trader Joe’s, but last week, I found something new.  It’s called boneless skinless Alaskan cod pieces.  It is only $3.99 / lb, which is really cheap.  So I purchased 3 packages and cooked one tonight. I just cooked them in a pan with coconut oil and [...]

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A New Start at 213 Pounds

November 20, 2012

2013 is only a month away and my weight is still 213 pounds.  It hasn’t changed a bit since I launched my diet journal.  I’m disappointed at myself, and my self-confidence is down the drain.  Am I super-motivated as I used be in 2008 and 2011?  Hell no.  I’m not even confident if I can [...]

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Weight Loss Progress

September 8, 2011

During last three weeks, I’ve gained few more pounds, mainly due to absolutely no exercise and not watching what I eat carefully.  I’m still recovering from the injuries from the accident and I’m at a point where I start all over again.  My body is not functioning like it used to.  It feels tired just [...]

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Weigh-in Day – Week 14 – 16

August 14, 2011

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my weight loss progress. On week 14, my weight rose up to 193lbs and on week 15 and 16, my weight stayed at 191.0 lbs, which is not too bad considering not much activity during last 3 weeks. I still can’t exercise or move a [...]

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Weigh-In Day : Week 13

July 29, 2011

This update should’ve been posted on Last Sunday, but couldn’t find time to get to my PC. It’s a bit delayed, but here we go. On Sunday morning, my weight was 191.2 lbs. I’ve gained another 0.6 lbs. I’m not happy with the number at all. It’s been about a month without any time at [...]

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